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by Release Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for ServiceabilityServiceability
MKINADDTTSImproved serviceability of the loadmon tool.
MKINAL3TFCSurpress SSL/TLS handshake errors unless debug is enabled
MKINABTUGHFix misleading error messages when trying to do a 'starttls' from an already encrypted channel.
JPAIATXP4DFixed a Server Crash issue with a bad block handle
JPAIA54P55Fixed a memory overwrite when parsing addresses.
MKIN9LNRCUHTTP Serviceability improvements
MKIN9UAVKYServiceability improvement to print more information when a DSAPI filter fails to load
Hide details for ViewsViews
DWHL9D8JBJFix an issue where an embedded view with an onSelect event does not fire the onSelect event, if the view is from a different...
Hide details for Views/FoldersViews/Folders
JVEKAQSGCCFixed an issue with shared, private on first use folder not working as expected in 9.01FP9. Folder can not be viewed in the...
Hide details for Web ServerWeb Server
MKINACJRMQFixed a condition where a servlet engine can crash when passed an expired session ID
MKINARJSQ3Fixed an issue where a URL containing the parameter "&redirectto=" is not decoded. This is a regression 901FP9.
MKIN9Z6UZ2Fixed an issue in the web server when processing graphic records
MKIN9KAUASImproved error messages when SAML encounters a problem.
MKENAQGJ2PFixes a security issue
MKEN9J2PGQPlace in a defensive fix to prevent the HTTP server from crashing.
MKIN9ZPTASThe web server no longer prints errors when a file is larger once gzip compressed.
MKINAPTR77Nessus scan complains of anonymous access to names.nsf as we provide a login page with a status of 200. This can now be changed to a 401 via the...
MSKAAPWQ5XIn FP8, a change was made to allow users who previously had password history checking enabled, then disabled, to skip history checks instead of...
MSKAAP6NFMThe admin client was crashing when using the server performance tab. This issue has been fixed and the client will no longer crash.
MKINA9PTYZDomino Doclinks now Convert To Usable Format For Ios
MKINA2ZU4YFixed a crash calling Cstrnicmp from NField::IsNamedAs with bad parameters
MKINAGFVVSBad string compare in NField::Special::DetermineSpecialness can cause crash
MKINADDTQKNotes.ini SERVER_TRANSINFO_HTTP_NORMALIZE can not hold values larger than 32767
MKIN9MKUQ8[Serviceability] Show when a DNS lookup fails
MKIN9G8QPTFixed a potential crash in iNotes when importing holidays
MKIN9Z3UE7Fixed the printing of an exception on the Domino console


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